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Title: My anti-misanthrope
Vidder: copycatgirl 
Pairing: Basil/Harry

This is one of few, if not the first, Basil/Harry pairing video on YouTube! Jubilations.

My friend Veronica has wholly converted me to the idea that Basil and Harry had a continuous on/off romantic relationship from their meeting at Oxford, right up until Basil met Dorian, who threw things a little off kilter. I just wanted to make a little video for a pairing who, when viewed in the right light, are at once adorable, beautiful and tragic.

The song is "Half Boyfriend" by Jay Brannan, the clips are from Dorian Gray (2009).

You can view the video here in my journal, here on my tumblr, and here on YouTube.


I never intended to post this fanfic on a comm, but I found this community and was like "well, what the hey."

Title: Inheritance
Author/Artist: ryntha_doghare
Rating: NC-17, Not Safe For Work, Porny, etc.
Pairing: BenBarnes!Dorian/PeterFirth!Dorian. I know, I know.
Warnings: Guy on guy sex.
Summary: This is basically a little PWP piece I wrote when I thought - damn, how hot would it be if TWO versions of Dorian Gray met? And you know Dorian is vain enough to have sex with himself. But I decided it was too odd to have two Dorians that looked the same, so I chose to use Ben Barnes and Peter Firth (who portrayed Dorian in the 1976 BBC Play of the Month adaptation) as the two sources of pretty. I find Firth to be a fairly good likeness to the Book version of Dorian, so you may substitute at your will.
How did Dorian and Dorian get there? Why is a paradox not occurring? Is this a parallel universe (is this real liiife or is this just fantasy)? I don't know, just try to suspend your disbelief for a moment longer.
(Also, for some reason I can't make a pairing: dorian/dorian tag. Why are you against me, LJ?)

It is almost like a dream.Collapse )
All right, let's liven up our community a bit, guise.

So, I stumbled upon this site, http://atom.smasher.org/error/, quite a while ago and had some really lulzy moments in other community (not Dorian Gray related) after posting the same little game I'm going to post here and now.

Let's post (in form of 'post a new comment') funny, slashy, perverted, satiric, creative error messages based on our beloved book/movie, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Everyone can (and should!) be participating. The more, the better. And don't forget to comment!


Two more.Collapse )

He Would Have Wept

Title: He Would Have Wept
Fandom: Dorian Gray (2009 movie)
Characters/Pairing: Basil, Basil/Dorian
Summary: Based on the scene where Basil realizes Dorian's secret. He would have cried had he lived long enough.


stolensmile14.livejournal.com/7784.html )

Would You Rather Have Nothing?

Title: Would You Rather Have Nothing?
Fandom: Dorian Gray
Pairing: Basil/Dorian
A/N: Basil's feelings as he kisses Dorian.


stolensmile14.livejournal.com/7550.html )
 Another Dorian Gray photo essay from me! This isn't really slash, at all, so I'm sorry. Tell me to delete if needs be, but there doesn't seem to be much going on around this comm recently, so I thought I might liven things up with the Dorian-ness anyway! :D

here @ my journal.
here @ my tumblr.
Title: break your heart & get away with murder (dorian gray)
Creator: copycatgirl 
Fandom: Dorian Gray (2009 film)
Song: Get Away With Murder
Artist: Jeffree Star
Pairing(s): Dorian/Basil, Dorian/Sibyl, Dorian/Emily
Warning: Contains spoilers for Dorian Gray, male/male kissing, violent and/or upsetting scenes and sexual implications.

here @ my journal.
here @ youtube.
Title: the games you play so well; dorian gray
Creator: copycatgirl 
Fandom: Dorian gray (2009 Movieverse)
Song: You've Made Your Bed
Artist: You Me At Six
Pairing(s): Dorian/Basil, Dorian/Harry
Warning(s): Contains spoilers for Dorian Gray, male/male kissing and sexual implications.

here @ my journal.
here @ youtube.
Another photo essay for my Oscar Wilde-themed photography coursework: this one using a group of people as Dorian and his acquaintances, including Sibyl and Basil.

Pairings: Dorian/Sibyl {sorry for the het, I hope it balanced out by...} Dorian/Basil

here @ my journal.
here @ my tumblr.
Title: The Facebook Picture of Dorian Gray
Creator: copycatgirl 
Fandom: A mixture of The Picture of Dorian Gray (Original novel) and Dorian Gray (2009 Movieverse)
Pairing(s): I'm posting this here because it make heavy reference to Basil being in love with Dorian. However, as it's directly based on the novel, it is not explicitly returned, and does also contain Dorian/Sibyl and Dorian/Hetty.
Warning: Contains spoilers for Dorian Gray and a really odd sense of humour.

here @ my journal.
here @ tumblr.

Not exactly Dorian/Harry slash...

But it might be the closest we get, don't you think? ;)

Beneath the cut is a video of Ben Barnes pretending to go in for a kiss with Colin Firth, from the goof reel of the film "Easy Virtue".
Clip belongs to Ealing Studios and BBC Films. Enjoy! a friendship so coloured by romance..?Collapse )

Some Dorian Gray Slash Webcomic II

And now for something rather different...

Sorry to double post, but I wanted to share this...

I did a short "photo essay" for photography coursework: the narrative of Dorian Gray told through objects that represent the company he keeps and the state of his soul.

here @ my journal.

First post!

Hello! I am de-lurking myself with a video that I made.

Title: Until We Bleed ; Dorian Gray
Creator: copycatgirl 
Fandom: Dorian gray (2009 Movieverse)
Song: Until We Bleed (Cello Version)
Artist: Kleerup featuring Lykke Li
Pairing(s): Dorian/Sibyl, Dorian/Basil, Dorian/Emily
Warning(s): Contains spoilers for Dorian Gray, upsetting and/or distressing scenes, violence and male/male kissing.

here @ my journal.
here @ youtube.

Some Dorian Gray Slash Webcomic

I have a condition. I use to make dirty and demented comics parodying movies I like or love. I've been creating fancomics for a lot of movies, but I really thought Dorian Gray was immune to my infected ideas. Sorry.

You're gonna click here because you are a very new-fashioned person.Collapse )

A new Dorian Gray video

I have made a Picture of Dorian Gray video featuring every incarnation of Dorian Gray I could get a hold of.
Dorian Gray videoCollapse )

Here are two shipper videos for Dorian and Lord Henry.   I used the song Embrace It from the Lestat musical. It's remarkable how much Lord Henry and Dorian can be like Lestat and Louis.   Naturally I put Lestat's part of the song to Lord Henry and Louis's part to Dorian.
Embrace itCollapse )

Some love too little (Part 1)

I hope I'm doing this right. I was booted from a live journal group for posting a story wrong.

Title: Some love too little

Relationship: Dorian and Basil

Rating: PG-13

Length: Roughly seventeen pages

Short Summery: A part of the story that wasn't told. And an explanation for what Dorian saw at the concert hall. It wasn't just his conscience after all.

Some love too LittleCollapse )

First ficlet - continued scene

Hello there!

I've been a fan of Oscar Wilde for years and a few days ago I grew tired of waiting for the Dorian Gray film to be released in Germany (it will come out some time in April 2010 here), so I ordered it on DVD. I found this community through imdb :)

Here's a little scene I wrote today: a possible continuation of the Dorian / Basil scene at the masked crush.

Title: Apollo
Fandom : Dorian Gray (movie)
Characters : Dorian / Basil
Rating : R
Spoilers : Dorian Gray movie 2009
Summary : Possible continuation of the scene between Dorian / Basil at the masked crush. (implied slash)

Disclaimer : The characters are not mine, no money is being made and no infringement is intended.

Comment : I have deliberately used a few Oscar Wilde quotes.


A Dorian / Basil fan video

           I made this on Christmas Day.  It is my first Dorian Slash project and also my very first Dorian Gray youtube video of what fast became one of many.  This is Dorian and Basil to the song Wicked Little Town.
Wicked Little TownCollapse )

Debut Post

Hi, guys, welcome, welcome!

I just created this community for you, who are looking for a place strictly dedicated to Oscar Wilde's wonderful novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

I was about time, don't you think? I hope you bring a lot of slash here, and please, read the community rules before you join us. Have fun!


Memorable Quotes

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful."

- Lord Henry Wotton -

"It is only the sacred things that are worth touching, Dorian."

- Lord Henry Wotton -

"The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame."

- Lord Henry Wotton -

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